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Published: 21st September 2010
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Kusadasi is probably the most well known holiday resort in Turkey. On the Aegean coast near the third biggest city Izmir, Kusadasi is definitely a popular choice for a summer holiday.

The name Kusadasi means a "bird island". Since the late 80s more and more local and foreign tourists choise their summer holiday here. There are many accommodation types to choose from. You can stay in a small famliy run bed and breakfast hotel or a five star all inclusive hotel. It is all your choice.

Just near the resort of Kusadasi is the ancient roman city Ephesus. 2000 years ago Ephesus was a Roman harbour city. Today thousands of people visit this ancient wonder of the world and walk around the amazing marble streets of Ephesus.

Also a short distance away is Pamukkale. Also known as "Cotton Castles". This natural wonder of the world will take your breath away. This also ancient city is the home for calcium rich water pools. You can walk around the pools and take a swim at Cleopatra's pool. Definitely worth a visit while you are on holiday in Kusadasi.

Travelling just half an hour from Kusadasi, you can visit Bafa Lake.This lake has sea water as thousands of years ago Bafa was a sea harbour as well. If you like beautiful scenery and calm surrondings, you will enjoy this half a day excursion from Kusadasi.

Also near to this holiday resort is Bodrum. This peninsula is also known as Turkish Riviera. Hundreds of bars and restaurants makes Bodrum, the heaven for nightlife. Of course, Kusadasi competed with Bodrum with nightlife every year, with more quality bars at the bar street.

During your holiday, you can take a swim in one of the many beautiful beaches of Kusadasi. Normally, you will not pay for sunbeds as all the beach bars and restaurants provide free sunbeds. They will expect you to take a drink from their venue and this is the arrangement happliy welcomed with tourists.

There are many market days around Kusadasi, If you miss one, not to worry, as there will be one very close to Kusadasi nearly each day of the week. In these markets, you need to negotiate for the price for your shopping. Sometimes, you can get great bargains of textiles and souveniours. Popular items for shoping in Turkey are leather, carpets, textiles and unique souveniours.

To get to Kusadasi Resort, you can use both Izmir Airport and Bodrum Airport. Izmir airport is only 30 minutes and Bodrum airport is 2 hours away from Kusadasi.

98% of the population practices the religion of Islam. You will find many mosques in town and you can visit them outside prayer hours. Turkey is a secular country so everyone is allowed to practice their religion and it is a model country for this reason.

Local currecny in Turkey is Turkish Liras. You will find many exchange shops and banks where you can change your money daily.

Locals speak Turkish. "Merhaba" means hello and "Tesekkurler" means thank you.

Overall Kusadasi is a fantastic destination for a summer holiday. I am sure you will ave a great time and come back home with great memories aftre your Kusadasi Holiday

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